Alberto Ramella

Alberto RAMELLA was born in Turin (Italy) in 1953, he is married and father of a daughter. His own father Severino was a photographer himself and died in 1961 in Pakistan during a reportage. He attended university courses of political sciences and specific English school In his early years he trained his artistic sensibility through the study and the experimentation of music, theatre, literature and photography, with a peculiar interest in visual arts. He is a professional photographer since 1980, and a journalist since 1986. His main professional subjects are social differences and conflicts, war reportages, portraits, artistic and theatre performances and corporate One of Italy's main weekly magazines,"Il Venerdi' di Repubblica", has published in the years from 1987 to 1999 more than 120 of his reportages. He works with several national and foreign newspapers and magazines. He worked also for the photo agencies EMBLEMA, GRAZIANERI & MARKA, based in Milan, UMA press in Paris, MAGICS in Germany, MAZUR agencjia in Warszaw, ACCLAIM Images in USA, FOCUS in Germany & ACTIONPLUS in the UK. In 2000 he is became North-Western Italy stringer for THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.