Alberto Roveri

After graduating from the Istituto Tecnico Superiore falls Universita 'Cattolica in Milan at the School' of Economics and Commerce. In 1971 he devoted himself entirely to photography, focusing specifically on photojournalism. For one year from 1971/1972 actively working with the weekly ABC where he met Letizia Battaglia at that time filled the role of special envoy and the photographer Santi Caleca. So begins' baptism journalism. In 1973 he entered the staff employees of the Agency photojournalistic DFP directed by Aldo Bonasia. They are the warm years (the "years of lead") and Roveri documenting everyday social tensions, clashes in the streets, but also the profound change of morals that the country is going through. The battles of divorce and abortion. The feminist struggles for the emancipation of women. The working conditions of workers in factories. Also portrays the leading figures of politics and culture of those years.