Grazia Ippolito

from my early childhood I was always interested in different people's characters and physiognomy, probably because my grandmother a Soprano singer and Emilian cook, who travelled a lot in various countries in the beginning of the 1900, told me many funny stories about different and colourful personalities she met in her life. I began as a sport photographer with principle interests in skiing and motorcycle racing. My pictures were published in many famous magazines in Italy and abroad. During the 1974 season I worked with the MV Agusta Racing Team. After dedicating the early years to my expanding family, I restarted my career in the 1990's to portray writers and painters. My pictures have been published in many mainstream magazines and newspapers in Italy and abroad, having also collaborated with many publishers including: Adelphi, Mondadori, Einaudi, Seuil, Diogenes, Random house and Payot. After my first personal exhibition at Feltrinelli bookshop in Milan, via Manzoni, others have followed in the past years as "Riprendiamo i giochi del passato" at Spazio Guicciardini in Milan about forgotten child-games. Photography brought me close to the things I liked, once it was sport, after literature, paintings, opera and theatre.