Graziano Arici

After studying Sociology, Arici moved into photography, specialising in the cultural arena with theatre and portraits. 1980 marked the start of his long-standing work with Venice's La Fenice Theatre. Arici has photographed, from 1979, all of the artistic and cultural events in Venice, from the various Biennales, performances, concerts and important exhibitions. From beginning, he did many reportages about the work of many international painters and artists. In 1984 he was photographer for Luigi Nono at the world premiere of "Prometeo". From 1990, Arici worked as still photographer on E. Reitz's film "Die zweite Heimat". In the 1998 founded with Marcello Mencarini. Rosebud, the first on-line news service to provide cultural images. From 2000 he made many reportages about archaeological sites. In the same period he began a long reportage about the industrial pollution in the venitian lagoon and about the turistic exploitation of Venice . Now he's working about the enormous works of defence against the hight tide in Venice (MOSE) and about a long aerial documentation of the Lagoon. His archive has 850.000 pictures from 1947 and 2.000 1800 albumen and salts prints about Venice. His photographs and reportages have appeared in the world's most important reviews.